IBHK 網絡媒體

【SCMP】南華早報訪問 IBHK

Most internet radio operators are shoestring set-ups like ibhk.net, launched in 2013 by secondary school student Kelvin Yu Ka-wan. “I set up the station last year after Digital Broadcasting Corporation was forced to stop [after a shareholders’ row over alleged political interference],” Yu says.
“When we first started, 100 people listening at the same time was enough to crash the server. We have since expanded our capacity, and now archived content receives an average of 2,000 downloads.”
Operating out of premises provided by a Kwun Tong publishing house, the ibhk team has grown to 23 people, all volunteers. They produce 11 programmes each week on counselling, current affairs and music.

刊載於South China Morning Post.